Thursday, 9 January 2014

Little down time to work hard...

Hello guys and gals! It's been far too long!, sorry for the lack of updates...

Unfortunately for the time being, I've had to place 'The Haunts' on the back burner as I finally took the decision to leave my full time job and go freelance in illustration, character design and storyboarding for a living at the turn of the year.
So while the haunts is still very much alive, there will be very little movement for the next few months.

I'll still be hanging around the forums though and would still love to talk to you guys here at every opportunity so I'd love if you could follow me on Facebook at: The art of Josh J. O'Brien

And take a look at my art at

Also, I'd love to work with everybody on here so if you need any character design or storyboarding for your project or you know of anyone who does, I'd love to talk it through with you.

See you soon,