Monday, 27 May 2013

More Maquettes!

Right-ee-ho! Good day to you all. It's late and I'm typing fast. It's been a bank holiday weekend and I've been working hard. There's been a possibility that's arisen recently that I may be able to collaborate with a wonderfully talented costume maker on this film now...

While I was looking to do everything on this by myself, costume is the only field in which I am left completely adrift. I couldn't tell a cross stitch from a cable stitch (or other such haberdashery terms).

And so, this brought to mind the fact that I absolutely need to nail down the design of these guys. Obviously with each sculpt I do, I find new angles, new lines and the design gets shaved and poked closer and closer to a final design but basically that's what the maquette above is built to do.

The pic above shows you the original colour of the baked clay sculpt on the left and the quick digital paint over I gave her to illustrate her colour scheme, on the right. I apologise for the poor lighting which has washed out her features in the front view.

I needed a sculpt to illustrate the shapes and lines I was after for Clara's clothing, and I think I'm happy with what I've hit upon. It's a design taken from my idea of what victorian clothing would look like on her. It has no real basis in a real world time period but suites the character and places her nicely as 'other-worldly.'

There's so much work left to do before I can move on, including a full body sculpt of 'Sebastian', which currently terrifies me. He's much more complicated and it's gonna be alot of work to recapture my initial sculpt. However, I relish the challenge.

Just another quick one this time. Hopefully I'll remember to take some more progress pics while I'm working on 'Sebastian' so you have a little more to look at.

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