Monday, 20 May 2013

The Usual Suspects.

Here's to the evolution of a project! So, a little pause... I've been super busy of late in my life outside of The Haunts, and have had a stall in the funding of the project (which is my own money :)), which has slowed down the initial momentum of the project.

Unfortunately there's now no way I can make this in time for the Virgin Media Shorts deadline, which I was hoping to hit. However the film is still alive as ever!

This week I've been working on more design issues. As you can see above, I'm working on size comparison between characters and other such goodness.
And also the film now has a Facebook page!!
So come join the party over there! We'd love to see ya!

I'll have a lengthier post on model sheets and the work I've been doing up by the end of the week!

And soon my friends, very soon, there will be puppets afoot!

I can't frickin' wait! I'm trying to slow myself down a little and make sure I've done my ground work before diving in to the fun of making puppets, but they're on their way!!

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